What Do Men Wear Under a Kilt? – Commando vs. Underwear


Ah, laddies and lassies, gather ’round and let me tell you a wee bit about the age-old mystery that’s puzzled many curious minds – “What do we men wear under our kilts?” Aye, it’s a question as old as time itself, and one that’s been the subject of many a rib-tickling joke and speculative musings.

Now, before you get too carried away with your imagination, I must warn you that this ain’t just a place for scandalous stories and wild tales. Oh no! We’ll be keeping it light-hearted and fun, but stickin’ to the facts – because, believe me, the truth can be just as amusing as fiction!

So, come along on this bonnie journey as I shed some light on the delightful traditions, quirky customs, and the burning question of what really lies beneath our beloved tartan kilts. Och aye, it’s gonna be a grand time!

The Mystique of Kilts

Now, before we dive headfirst into the much-anticipated reveal of what’s beneath our kilts, let’s take a wee step back and bask in the allure of this iconic garment. Kilts, my friends, are not just pieces of cloth; they’re a symbol of our rich Scottish heritage and a source of pride for us Scots.

Way back in the mists of time, kilts were the go-to fashion choice for the rugged Highlanders and Celtic clans. These tartan wonders were not only stylish but also practical for our chilly and unpredictable Scottish weather. Plus, each clan had its distinctive tartan pattern, making it a walking badge of our clan allegiance.

Now, as for what our ancestors wore under those kilts – well, that’s where the mystery begins. You see, historical records are a bit scarce on this delicate matter. Some say they wore nothing but their courage, while others claim they might have had a thing or two beneath the folds.

But fear not! This mystery isn’t the heart of kilt-wearing; it’s the passion and pride that counts. Our ancestors donned these kilts with honor, and that tradition carries on to this day.

So, let’s raise a dram of fine Scotch whisky to those proud Scots who came before us, and let their spirit guide us as we unravel the age-old question of what lies beneath the kilt! Onward, my curious comrades!

The Modern-Day Kilt-Wearing Conundrum

Modern-Day Kilt-Wearing - 21s century mix of opinions and preferences

Ah, the present day! A time of progress, innovation, and endless debates about what should or shouldn’t be under a kilt. You see, my friends, when it comes to kilt-wearing practices in the 21st century, there’s a delightful mix of opinions and preferences.

Some of us, the brave and the bold, choose to embrace the age-old tradition of “going commando.” Yes, that’s right – we let the fresh Scottish breeze caress our nether regions, just like our ancestors may have done. It’s a daring choice, and many of us find it to be a symbol of true freedom and a bit of cheeky fun (pun intended!).

But mind you, not all Scotsmen are cut from the same tartan cloth. Some of our brethren prefer a more modern approach to kilt comfort and opt to wear underwear beneath their kilts. And why not? We’ve got a plethora of choices these days – boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, you name it! The important thing is to find the right fit and fabric that suits your style and comfort needs.

Now, I must admit, these discussions can sometimes get quite spirited (like a ceilidh dance at the local pub). We’ve got the staunch traditionalists on one side, raising their glasses and swearing by the freedom of the breeze. On the other side, you’ll find the practical folks, sipping their whisky and enjoying the extra layer of comfort.

But here’s the thing, my dear readers: regardless of what we wear under our kilts, it all comes down to personal choice and respecting the traditions that are near and dear to our hearts. So, whether you choose to let the wind tickle your knees or prefer the cozy embrace of underwear, remember that it’s all in good fun, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

As a kilt-wearing Scotsman, I’ll let you in on a little secret: what’s truly important is the camaraderie, laughter, and shared memories that come with wearing this time-honored garment. So let’s keep the humor high, the laughter loud, and the spirit of the Highlands alive and kicking!

Stay tuned, dear friends, as we dig deeper into the commando vs. underwear debate and address the age-old myths and misconceptions in the next part of our kilt-wearing adventure. Slàinte mhath! (Cheers!)

Commando vs. Underwear Showdown

Commando vs Underwear - what is the preference of scottish men wearing kilts

Ah, the clash of the kilt-wearing titans – commando versus underwear! It’s a battle as old as the hills, and every Scotsman seems to have an opinion on the matter. Let’s break it down and see what the fuss is all about, shall we?

Going Commando – The Braveheart Approach

Before you decide weather or not commando kilt-wearing is right for you, you may want to check out this video:


  • Feeling the cool breeze on your knees and embracing that sense of freedom, just like our fierce ancestors did.
  • No worries about panty lines or visible underwear ruining the perfect drape of your kilt.
  • A daring and cheeky choice that might earn you some admiration (and maybe a few laughs) from fellow kilt enthusiasts.


  • It’s not for the faint-hearted, and the weather can sometimes be less than forgiving, especially on a chilly day.
  • If you’re planning to do a lot of Highland dancing or engaging in enthusiastic ceilidh moves, let’s just say things might get a bit more… dynamic than you’d expect.
  • Some social settings might frown upon the commando approach, so be prepared to gauge the appropriateness of your choice depending on the occasion.

The Underwear Brigade – Cozy and Practical


  • Comfort, oh sweet comfort! With the right choice of underwear, you can ensure a smooth and cozy experience all day long.
  • No need to worry about any unintentional kilt reveals, ensuring your modesty is well-preserved.
  • It’s the sensible option for those of us who like to be prepared for any weather, rain or shine.


  • Some purists might playfully tease you for not embracing the true spirit of kilt-wearing.
  • Finding the perfect pair of underwear that fits just right and complements your kilt can be a quest worthy of its own Highland adventure.
  • There’s always the chance of a wardrobe malfunction, like visible waistbands or, heaven forbid, a peek-a-boo moment during a gust of wind.

Now, you might be wondering which side of the kilt-wearing battlefield I stand on. Well, like many things in life, it depends on the day and the occasion! Sometimes, I feel the call of my ancestors and let the wind be my kilt companion. Other times, when practicality wins the day, I opt for the trusty underwear approach.

But let me tell you, no matter which path you choose, the kilt-wearing camaraderie remains strong among us Scots. It’s a shared experience, a nod of respect when we pass each other on the street, acknowledging the spirit of our tartan-clad kin.

A Guide to Etiquette and Cultural Sensitivity

Ah, my dear friends, as much as we love our kilts and the freedom they bring, it’s essential to remember that with great kilts come great responsibilities – and a bit of cultural sensitivity. You see, wearing one is not just about the garment itself; it’s about honoring our Scottish heritage and traditions with grace and respect.

The Right Occasion:

The Right Occasion - wearing kilts - Weddings and formal gatherings

  • Weddings and formal gatherings: A wedding is a perfect occasion to don your finest tartan and showcase your Scottish pride. Formal events, dances, and ceilidhs (traditional Scottish gatherings with music and dancing) are also prime opportunities to put on your kilt.
  • Casual outings: A leisurely stroll through the Scottish countryside or a trip to the local pub with friends are wonderful moments to wear your kilt casually and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.
  • Special celebrations: Whether it’s St. Andrew’s Day, Burns Night, or any Scottish festival, celebrating your heritage in a kilt is a fitting way to pay homage to your roots.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do: Make sure you wear your kilt with pride and confidence. There’s nothing more appealing than a Scotsman who owns his heritage with a twinkle in his eye.
  • Don’t: Use offensive or inappropriate humor about kilts or Scottish culture. Let’s keep the jokes light-hearted and friendly, shall we?
  • Do: Respect the specific dress code or cultural norms of the event you’re attending. While kilts are often welcome, there might be occasions where a traditional suit or formal attire is more suitable.
  • Don’t: Lift your kilt in public. It might seem like a bit of good-natured fun, but it’s considered disrespectful and can be offensive to others.

Respect for Other Cultures:

As proud Scots, it’s important to remember that while we cherish our kilt-wearing traditions, we must also respect the customs and cultures of others. If you find yourself in a different country or cultural setting, it’s essential to be aware of local sensitivities and dress appropriately.

Remember, we are ambassadors of our Scottish heritage, and by displaying respect and understanding, we can promote the spirit of camaraderie and acceptance worldwide.

So, my fellow kilt enthusiasts, let’s wear our tartan with honor, celebrate our traditions with joy, and embrace the diversity of cultures with open hearts. With our kilts as our banners, we can bridge gaps, create friendships, and share the laughter that knows no borders.

Accessories and Accents

Scottish kilt wearing - Accessories and Accents

Ah, lads and lassies, when it comes to the kilt-wearing game, it’s not just about the tartan itself but also the fine art of accessorizing. Just like the icing on a Scottish shortbread, the right accents can elevate your kilt ensemble to a whole new level of style and sophistication.

  • Sporrans: The sporran, that stylish pouch worn at the front of the kilt, is not just a fashion statement; it’s also practical! It serves as our Scottish pocket, a place to keep our keys, wallet, and perhaps even a wee flask of Scotch whisky (for purely medicinal purposes, of course). Sporrans come in various designs, from simple leather pouches to elaborate, ornate pieces with intricate Celtic patterns. Choose one that complements your kilt and suits the occasion.
  • Belts and Buckles: A sturdy belt with a Celtic-inspired buckle is the perfect way to cinch your kilt and keep it securely in place. Plus, it adds a touch of rugged charm to the overall look. When selecting your belt and buckle, consider the metal’s finish, as some prefer the classic silver shine, while others opt for the more rustic look of pewter.
  • Sgian-dubh: Ah, the sgian-dubh, that small but mighty knife tucked into our hose (Scottish socks). Traditionally, it was a practical tool for everyday tasks, but nowadays, it’s more of a ceremonial accessory. When wearing your sgian-dubh, make sure the handle is visible above your sock, as it’s considered bad form to draw the knife in public.
  • Kilt Hose and Flashes: No, my friends, kilt hose aren’t just any ordinary socks; they’re an essential part of the kilt ensemble. Choose a sturdy pair that reaches just below the knee, and don’t forget the flashes! Flashes are those little fabric bands that adorn the top of your kilt hose, adding a dash of color and flair.
  • Ghillie Brogues: A proper pair of ghillie brogues, those traditional Scottish shoes with no tongue and long laces, are the footwear of choice for the kilted gentleman. They’re not only stylish but also practical for those spontaneous Highland dances that might break out at any moment.
  • Jacket and Accessories: For formal occasions, a tailored jacket, like the Prince Charlie or Argyll, completes the kilt ensemble. Adorn it with a clan badge or your chosen tartan in a brooch, and you’re ready to impress at weddings, ceilidhs, and grand gatherings.

So,with these accessories and accents, you’ll be ready to take on the world with your kilted charm. Embrace your Scottish heritage, have a laugh, and let your kilt be a beacon of camaraderie wherever you roam.


Can women wear kilts too?

Absolutely! The kilt is not just for men. Women can wear them, known as “kilted skirts” or “kilts for ladies.” It’s a fantastic way for anyone to embrace Scottish culture and fashion.

Do kilts have pockets?

Kilts traditionally don’t have pockets, but fear not! The sporran, that stylish pouch worn at the front of the kilt, serves as our trusty Scottish pocket.

Have any famous people worn kilts?

Indeed! Many celebrities and public figures have embraced the kilt, from actors like Sean Connery and Ewan McGregor to musicians like Sir Sean Connery and Ewan McGregor and rock stars like Mick Jagger. Even U.S. Presidents, such as Barack Obama, have been known to don the tartan on special occasions!

Do kilts have magical powers?

Well, if you believe that an extra dose of confidence and charm is magical, then yes, the kilt works wonders! But in reality, the magic lies in the spirit of camaraderie and the pride of wearing a symbol of our Scottish heritage.

Can I wear a kilt to a job interview?

While kilts are a symbol of pride and tradition, it’s best to gauge the dress code of the company you’re interviewing with. For formal business settings, a tailored suit might be more appropriate.

Are kilts just for special occasions?

Not at all! While kilts are popular for weddings and formal events, they can also be worn casually for a fun day out or a night at the pub. Embrace the kilt-wearing spirit anytime you feel the call of the Highlands!

A Fond Farewell

Alas, my dear readers, our kilt-wearing adventure must come to an end. But before we bid adieu, let’s raise our glasses one last time and savor the laughter, camaraderie, and newfound wisdom we’ve shared on this tartan-clad journey.

Throughout this delightful romp, we’ve explored the mystique of kilts, dived into the debate of going commando versus donning underwear, and even ventured into the world of kilt-wearing etiquette and cultural sensitivity. We’ve laughed together, celebrated our Scottish heritage, and embraced the joy of being kilted Scotsmen.

As we wrap up this tale, let me leave you with some kilt-wearing wisdom, straight from the heart of a bonnie Scotsman:

  • Embrace the Tradition: Wear your kilt with pride and honor the rich heritage it represents. Let it be a symbol of your roots and a connection to the brave souls who came before us.
  • Laughter Is the Best Tartan Accessory: Don’t take yourself too seriously; after all, life’s a grand ceilidh, and a wee bit of humor can lighten even the heaviest of kilts.
  • Choose Your Kilt, Choose Your Comfort: Whether you opt for the freedom of the breeze or the coziness of underwear, remember it’s all about what makes you feel good and confident.
  • Respect and Camaraderie: Be respectful of others’ cultures and customs, and let your kilt be a bridge to friendship and understanding.
  • Wear It with Style: Accessorize, my friends! From sporrans to sgian-dubhs, ghillie brogues to flashes, these accents add a touch of elegance and flair to your kilt ensemble.
  • Cherish the Memories: The laughter, the camaraderie, and the unforgettable moments shared with fellow kilt enthusiasts are what truly make kilt-wearing a joyous experience.

So, my friends, as you embark on your own kilt-wearing adventures, let the spirit of the Highlands guide you. Celebrate the diversity of our world, embrace the cultural tapestry that surrounds us, and let the laughter and friendship know no bounds.

I raise my glass to you and bid you farewell with a warm and heartfelt “Slàinte mhath agus beannachd leibh!” (Good health and blessings upon you!)